amy lessard

Macrame Fiber Artist


Where my love for macramé began

I started making macramé when I was in high school with a dear friend of mine, who still to this day encourages and motivates me to always pursue what I love to do. We would make bracelets, necklaces, and mini wall hangings. You could catch us sitting on the couch or at the beach soaking up the San Diego sun with hemp rope in hand. Since then I have grown up, started a family. I was recently asked, "What did you love doing when you were younger that you wish you could get back into? And what is stopping you from doing it again?" My answer of course went straight to macramé and how it was a relaxing hobby of mine that I loved to do. I had more time available with my children growing up. I decided to pick up the art of macramé again. I am born and raised in San Diego and enjoy bringing people together. What better way to take part in the community-feel of San Diego than through creating works of macramé art together.

Every piece in my shop is personally hand-made with thoughtful design. I love sharing the art through local workshops, private parties, event rentals, and custom designs for any home or workspace. Thank you for bringing a little piece of Knots & Ivory into your life and I hope to see you at one of my next macramé workshops.


A friend hosted a private event by Amy to make macrame hanging pots. Her instruction was perfect and encouraged us all to make a unique piece. Amy was hands on to make sure everyone felt comfortable no matter the skill level. I highly recommend booking her for a fun ladies night!

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